TPC 002: Welcome to the Hotel Zorro!

Hello, Friends! On today’s podcast I share a short chapter from my forthcoming book: Zorro’s Shadow. It’s coming out in September with Chicago Review Press. It delves into the actual real-life origins of the masked crusader in black. I went on a road trip to Mexico, looking for Zorro’s origins. One of the stops I made was at Posada del Hidalgo Hotel. The main attraction of the hotel is Zorro! The place claims to be the birthplace of the character, but yet Zorro was actually birthed in the pulps in 1919. What does it all mean? Join me as we investigate and find out about a very interesting place indeed. Is Zorro just cultural appropriation? Or, is there something deeper going on?

You can pre-order Zorro’s Shadow on Amazon or Chicago Review Press.


I got my sounds from (Flamenco Guitar) (Zorro’s Laugh) (Bulbastre Crowd speaking in Spanish) (Jarabe Tapatio) (Little Latin Jazz Intro)

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  1. Fantastic job. The music went very well with the subject and it provided a good sense of excitement!!

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