Podcast Interview–Catholic Forum

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking via telephone with Bob Krebs. Bob is the host of the Catholic Forum radio show and podcast.

It was great fun.

Bob and I talked about my new book, The Mysterious Sofia: One Woman’s Mission to Save Catholicism in Twentieth-Century Mexico (Univ. of Nebraska Press, 2019).

It’s always an interesting discussion when trying to talk to an English-speaking, mainly American audience, about Mexican history. There’s so much background we have to cover. But part of the thing I was trying to do in the book is to make Sofia’s story, and Mexican history, accessible to an American audience. Why? Because Sofia’s story is a human story. It’s not just about the history–it’s about the life of woman who lived through revolution, economic depression–a woman who had love and heartache and did some pretty amazing stuff. Hopefully that comes through in the interview.

Bob said the interview will be on the show, November 16, 2019. Shortly after it will be available as a podcast through iTunes, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

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