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Associate professor of Latin American history, Louisiana State University. I received my doctorate from Oxford University in 2010. I study Mexican history and pop culture. My latest project is Zorro.

Flight or Invisibility? Which Superpower Would You Choose?

The Answer Helps Explain the Power of #Metoo, Trump, and the Internet Before you make a choice — flight or invisibility — here are the ground rules: Flight means the power to travel in the air, up to 100,000 feet, at a maximum velocity of … Continue reading

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Zorro at the Border

The American Superhero Myth Relies on a Distinction Between Breaking a Law and Criminality. What makes a criminal? The question loops in my mind as we pull up to the U.S.-Mexico border. From the Mexican side, from Nogales, Sonora I … Continue reading

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Searching for Zorro

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