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Django and Zorro Fight Together!

The Graphic Novel Crossover by Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner. What happens when you team up an African American avenger with a Latino vigilante? Justice, my friends. Or, at least, Spaghetti Western justice. The Django/Zorro seven-issue crossover graphic novel is the … Continue reading

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Johnston McCulley, the creator of Zorro, on a 1950s Gameshow.

The Elusive Pulp Writer Rarely Spoke About His Most Famous Creation. Johnston McCulley with Guy Williams in Disney TV Promo. Johnston McCulley created one of the most enduring and iconic pop culture characters of the 20th Century. I speak, of … Continue reading

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Zorro’s Origins and The Head of Joaquin Murrieta

A New Documentary Narrates One Man’s Journey to Find the Decapitated Head of a California Bandit who inspired the Creation of Zorro. Was Zorro, the masked man who left his trademark “Z” on evildoers, inspired by a real-life person from … Continue reading

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Zorro Turns 100: Fights the Undead!

New Comic, Zorro: Swords of Hell (part I of IV) — Review Zorro fights the undead in new comic series. Credit: Roy Allan Martinez & Enrica Eren Angiolini, covert art.   Zorro turns 100 years-old in 2019. The masked man in black … Continue reading

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Flight or Invisibility? Which Superpower Would You Choose?

The Answer Helps Explain the Power of #Metoo, Trump, and the Internet Before you make a choice — flight or invisibility — here are the ground rules: Flight means the power to travel in the air, up to 100,000 feet, at a maximum velocity of … Continue reading

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Zorro at the Border

The American Superhero Myth Relies on a Distinction Between Breaking a Law and Criminality. What makes a criminal? The question loops in my mind as we pull up to the U.S.-Mexico border. From the Mexican side, from Nogales, Sonora I … Continue reading

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Searching for Zorro

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